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2019 Slammin’ Kings & Big Halibut

The 2019 King season has been nothing short of a blessing for the crew and guests at Chignik Bay Adventures. The river has been fishing as well as we have seen in any recent years with loads of rocket hot 25+ pound fish. The Salt water has been producing a constant supply big Halibut. Every…

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2018 in Review

Big Ling’s, Slow King’s, Chunky Halibut and High Flying Coho 2018 did present some challenges as the Chignik River King run was weak again.  We were fortunate to have tight lines and great fishing for all our other species.  We are anxious for the King’s to fill our river and return to our past fishing…

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Smiles and Surprises 2017

2017 was full of smiles and surprises. Looking back at the pictures of 2017 and remembering the excitement of the hook-ups and amazing show’s provided by Mother Nature, we had an outstanding year in Chignik Bay. Dahl Porpoises and thousands of Pacific White Sided Dolphins rolled into the Chignik district and gave us two weeks…

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2016 Chignik in Review: Fishing was Red Hot!

2016 provided spectacular fishing in Chignik, King and Cohos were relentless, bordering on the “best ever.” River kings averaged 30 hook-ups a day, salt silvers were limits of big Coho usually accompanied by limits of feeder kings, river Coho quite literally smoked the drags on a number of reels, and the river was full of…

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November 21st, 2015

A Time of Change. Downsizing! Chignik Bay Adventures will be even more exclusive in 2016. It is time to announce that Chignik Bay Adventures will be downsizing in 2016. Our wonderful guide and friend, Travis Wendt, is changing course in life and will not be joining us for 2016, and Jim is retiring from Alaska.…

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July 31st 2015

We have had an outstanding couple of weeks since our last post! Kings have been absolute dynamite in the river. We continue to see 20+ hook ups a day with new fish continuing to enter the river even this late in the season. We have enjoyed the company of people from all over the country…

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